Power Yoga


June 2, 2012

This morning I did not have a class to teach. So I figured I would take part in a class myself. Be the student again. After some research online I found that one of my favorite studio had cancelled all their classes today except one this evening. one yoga for the people

I decided to take a power yoga class at the new Chopra Yoga in downtown Vancouver. The studio is just along Granville street and Hastings in the heart of downtown. The class on the schedule that was to attend was the 90 min power yoga with Danielle Mika Nagel (the studio director).

From the minute I arrived at the studio I felt an inviting presence just being in the studio. They have done a wonderful job on the renovations. I paid my drop in fee (btw classes on the weekend are all 50% off). And was shown where the class was going to be held and where the change rooms are.

Note these are some of the nicest change rooms I have seen in a studio/gym of sorts. Everything was very clean and they have large lockers to keep your valuables in while asaning it out on the mat (free lockers were a bonus).

Once changed I entered the room and a rush of warm air surrounded my body (was I ready for this?) I have had a lack of practise over the past 6 months or so as I have been teaching 3 classes a week, working a full-time job at the credit union, and trying to manage a life with my fiancé and friends.

Back to the mat.

We started off doing some pranayama to center and bring the awareness inside and onto the mat, just like most yoga classes start off. Then we starts moving and I started sweating. I soon lost my shirt as it was constricting movements. And the sweat kept pouring onto my mat. I mean I haven’t sweat this much in a long time. It was great to feel this sweat again. I mean who doesn’t like the detoxifying effects of sweating. The temperature in the room was about 36C when we started and probably rose to about 40 at the peak of the class. It’s amazing how fast time goes when you are focused on your breath and not sliding off your mat. I use a Lululemon Un Mat which is great , but I wish I had brought my yogitoes skidless mat topper with me.

As I slipped on my mat I found I was working much harder and using muscles I haven’t in a while. Which made me focus on my breath and calm myself down (along with wipe my mat off so the sweat from my hands didn’t make me fall over).

It’s funny how doing a down dog in a class I’m teaching differs from when I’m the student and having to breathe and concentrate on what my body is doing vs. monitoring what my students are doing.

So 90 minutes pass, and this has turned out to be one of the best classes I have taken in a very long time. It is no wonder Deepak Chopra chose Danielle as the studio director. She has a wonderful presence and lightness about her that really resonates into her class. She is a wonderful teacher and I aspire to teach like her one day.

As the day went on I was sure to keep up my electrolytes and have found a new love for coconut water. This stuff is amazing. I think I drank close to a liter throughout the afternoon and felt like a million bucks.

Who knows one day you may be able to take a class taught by me at this wonderful studio.



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